Sana Ndiaye was born in the southern region of Senegal in the village of Djembering where as a small boy, following the tradition of the Jola people, he learned and mastered the Ekonting, a three-string gourd instrument, played using a technique similar to plucking a guitar.

As a young man, Sana balanced school with playing the Ekonting for community functions and celebrations. In his mid-twenties, he moved to Dakar to join his parents, who had been living in the city for many years working to support their family back in the village.

While in Dakar, Sana met up with the founding members of Gokh-bi System, who were looking to expand their hip-hop group by adding traditional instruments to their lineup. The combination of the Ekonting with rap interested producers from the United States and they were soon invited to participate in the Senegal-America project, based out of Western Massachusetts.

Since this initial project, Sana has traveled many times to the United States to tour with Gokh-bi System, playing festivals, concert halls, clubs and schools. While Sana still maintains a tight working relationship with the members of Gokh-bi System and continues to tour with them, he is also currently working on solo projects highlighting the beautiful music of the Ekonting and traditional vocals.