ANCIENT MEETS URBAN™ is an emerging music style and philosophy that bridges ANCIENT Africa and URBAN America.
Like reggaeton, which emerged from the barrios of Puerto Rico, African hip hop is taking its place as a new international music style gaining recognition today.
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AMU (Ancient Meets Urban™) Music is the premiere production and management company/record label in New York City featuring young, rising African music stars who perform a fusion of traditional African music and hip hop as well as other urban music styles including R&B, jazz, and dancehall reggae.

By combining the energy, authenticity and popularity of today's hip hop scene with a positive message filled with love, hope and peace, the AMU experience makes the connection between ANCIENT Africa and URBAN America.

AMU recording artist Gokh-Bi System (a.k.a. GBS) has arrived as one of the leaders of the emerging African hip hop movement and is the premiere band blending traditional African rhythms with beats and rhymes made popular by the hip hop culture in the United States.

GBS will be joined by other artists from Senegal including African Akhlou Bi, Fata, As Malick, Fafadi, WAFLASH, Sana and EPB, Dialia and Rahmane Diallo.

Together their music seeks to empower as much as entertain!


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